Katya Lee

For Real / Trilogy

Katya Lee is a Russian singer-songwriter and fashion designer. She began her career in 2006 after being discovered while singing in a nightclub in Saint-Petersburg by one of the key music producers in Russia. The next day she moved to Moscow, where she became a member of the nationally known pop/dance band Hi-Fi. Her first performance was on the Kremlin stage. Hi-Fi then restructured and made Katya their lead singer. For the next four and a half years she toured throughout the world, performing in more than 20 countries. In 2010, Katya left Hi-Fi and joined even more prolific all-girl pop act, Fabrika. As a member of Fabrika, Katya was featured on TV, radio and international press, including Billboard, Playboy, Rolling Stone, FHM, Hello, Ok, Grazia, Maxim, Starhit, and others. In 2014, Katya won a Golden Gramophone (Russian Grammy) for Fabrika’s single "Ne rodis krasivoy". Soon after she left the band to move to New York and start her solo career as KATYA.

The galaxy is on the edge of war. Grey Army spies are everywhere, hacking into people's minds to recruit those who fear freedom. While trying to escape the heavily armed Grey fleet, Katya, commander of the Rebel Movement lands on the unstable, albeit inhabitable planet Nevadis--light years from her home planet of Russkaya. Katya, beloved Princess of Russkaya, has certainly had more peaceful days as she experiences the Grey Army's evil darkness, spreading throughout our universe. She has been forced into a life of shadows under the government's code and is therefore forever on the run. Born with the superpower of "intergalactic transmittance of joy", Katya is assigned by the prime minister of Arts and Fashion to mobilize a rebel resistance against the current tyranny. Her duty is to help people and assist them to truly embody and celebrate themselves. The Grey army - characterized by narrow minds, unjust edicts and robotic behavior - is against everything Katya knows to be good and true in the universe. Her music seeks to honor the beauty of all consciousness. She stands for the freedom and self-rule.